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A list of some Catholic wedding music

Following is a list of some music appropriate for a Catholic wedding; an MP3 sample is provided with many selections. You will also find links to more comprehensive lists of Catholic wedding music from major Catholic music publishers.

Before you choose your wedding music, however, you may want to read the following articles:

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Songs & Hymns
Mass Settings

Publishers of Catholic liturgical music

Wedding Resources from GIA Publications

On this page you'll find liturgical music written especially for weddings, along with the option to purchase CDs, sheet music, and more. Obviously, your music options are not limited to the selections listed on this page.

Wedding Resources from OCP Publications

Browse a large collection of wedding music resources from OCP Publications, including United As One (Volumes 1 and 2), a collection of music specifically for Catholic weddings; sample clips are provided for many songs. Click on a letter of the alphabet to see all the wedding-related resources beginning with that letter.

Wedding Resources from World Library Publications

Click the links below to discover one of the most well-rounded collections of Catholic wedding music featuring traditional, contemporary, and even some bilingual pieces. Love One Another: The Wedding Collection from World Library Publications is sure to be your go-to wedding music resource. By clicking on the first link you can also explore all the wedding music titles that WLP has to offer.

All wedding music titles from WLP

Love One Another Music Collection/Songbook

Love One Another C-Instrument Book

Love One Another CD

Find the CD on

Wedding Resources from International Liturgy Publications

With An Everlasting Love CD is a collection of Vince Ambrosetti songs for the Sacrament of Marriage. Scripturally inspired songs for your wedding day. Buy this CD in bulk for wedding favors. Discounts available based on number of CDs purchased.

Nothing Without Love inspired by 1 Corinthians
Over All Other Virtues based on Colossians 3
God of the Universe based on the Nuptial Blessing from the Roman Catholic Rite of Marriage
With An Everlasting Love based on Jeremiah 31
Ave Maria

Do you need the individual sheet music too? It can be purchased individually or as an accompaniment book to the CD. See a sample of the book here.


Wedding Music: Songs and Hymns

When Love Is Found

by Jeanne Cotter and David Haas

This CD features twenty-four pieces of instrumental and vocal music appropriate for Catholic weddings; many, including the title track, were written specifically for Catholic weddings.

May the Light of Christ/A Marriage Blessing

James Chepponis

Sheet music available from the publisher.

Gathered in the Love of Christ/ Canon in D
Begins with Pachelbel's Canon in D, then transitions into "Gathered in the Love of Christ." The lyrics, which are taken from 1 John, are not part of the short sample available here, but they include the lines, "We are the dwelling place that love has made... If we live in God, then we must love each other..."


Song of Songs
Rory Cooney
A wedding hymn based on the Song of Songs. Sheet music available from the publisher.

The Wedding
Michael Card
A wedding song based on the wedding at Cana. Lines include: "Lord of light, O come to this wedding; take the doubt and darkness away; turn the water of lifeless living to the wine of gladness, we pray."


We Say Yes
Marty Haugen
Written for the wedding of Marty Haugen's daughter.
Sheet music available from the publisher.

Today and Tomorrow
Lori True
Sheet music available from the publisher.


When This Day Is Done
Liam Lawton
Sheet music available from the publisher.

Wherever You Go
David Haas
Based on the well-known passage from the Book of Ruth.


Additional wedding music from GIA Publications

Follow this link for GIA's list of additional music written specifically for Catholic weddings; also check out their Wedding Resources page.


Additional wedding music from OCP Publications

Follow this link for OCP's list of additional music written specifically for Catholic weddings.

Wedding Music: Instrumental

A Bride's Guide To Wedding Music

More than sixty-one vocal and instrumental musical pieces, most of them appropriate for prelude or processional music. (Note that selections originally written for plays, such as the wedding marches by Wagner and Mendelssohn, are generally discouraged at Catholic weddings.) Press the "play" button on the album cover to see a complete list of songs and to listen to short samples of each.

Settings for a Catholic Wedding Mass

Mass "settings" are collections of music intended to be used together during a Catholic Mass.

Mass of Creation

Marty Haugen (GIA)

One of the more popular Mass settings; if you have attended Mass regularly, you will probably recognize the samples from the Glory to God or the Kyrie.

Agape: The Stories and the Feast

Marty Haugen (GIA)

This is another Mass setting, with an uptempo beat; sample "Halle, Halle" for an example.


We Come to Your Feast/Mass for John Carroll, first bishop of the United States

Michael Joncas (GIA)

A grand, stately Mass setting.

Table Songs: Music for Communion

(Volumes 1 and 2)

David Haas (GIA)

A collection of hymns for communion; the song, "Faith, Hope, and Love" ties in nicely with weddings.


Mass of the Angels

Richard Proulx (GIA)

If you are planning to have your wedding at a more traditional Catholic parish (one that uses the Tridentine Rite), or if you know musicians who can handle Latin chant, then you might want to consider the two Latin settings for Mass on this album ("Mass of the Angels" and "Simple Mass").

Catholic Mass Music Settings from GIA

GIA Publications lists many additional Mass settings at this link.

Mass Settings from OCP

OCP Publications also lists additional Mass settings at this link; note that you need to click on the tabs to view additional products.


Handbook of Church Music for Weddings

by Mary Beth Kunde Anderson and David Anderson

(©2007, 47 pages, Liturgy Training Publications)

Although this book was written for those in the Church who work with couples planning their wedding, couples may find it useful for what its publisher describes as " extensive list of congregational psalms, acclamations, hymns and songs." Order it from Amazon by clicking on the title above.

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